LIGHT meets SITAR with Ajit Singh

“Music is a god form. A raga is like the soul and each note is like a flower in bloom, an offering to Heaven.” – Pandit Ajit Singh

'' Come and enjoy the combination of a transmission of Lightfrequencies and the mystic sounds of the Sitar played by an indian master in the meditative atmossphere of my Healing Practice.

After having received Lightfrequencies for about 20 minutes, your body, mind and soul will be in a wonderful state to enjoy the magic sounds of the Sitar on a very high level.

I am very honoured to receive Mr Pandit Ajit Singh and to open my house for everybody who wants to take part in a meditative bhakti Sitar concert.

Enjoy the pure sound of Sitar without any amplifier in the cosy atmosphere of a house concert.''
Namasté, Nalu 🙏🕊✨

Please bring a meditation coussin and a bottle of Water as there will be only a short break.
Entry: 40,-€

Please register by PN to Nalu An Ra or by mail to
The places are limited.